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Hello Pumkins!

My name is jazmin perez but you can call me mimi. I choosed today with excitment to launch my blog because its finally, finally the first day of autumn! YAY! and as a person who loves hot chocolate with mashmallows, cold rainy days and spooky stories, what other day to start, then to start when the leaves change to a golden color and festivities begin!

My name sort of has to do with my love towards autumn and winter but not completly. I choosed cozy because my friends and family always tell me how much comfort and kindness i give out plus im short and laugh at mostly anything i find silly so little fits just right! 

In my blog i will be sharing with you lovelies my view of style, my gallery,  monthly favs and all that fun jazz! i hope i can inspire each one of you & that you enjoy reading my blog as much as i enjoy sharing it with you! 

Love, mimi

p.s. IM SO EXCITED !!!

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very simple S.T diy |🚩

Hello Hawkins! So i don’t know if its just me & my circle of gals but we are so excited for stranger things 3 πŸ’ŒThat i decided to make a very very simple word banner you can create in just 5 min! Lets create!


           materials you will need 

 – scissors                 – red twisty sticks

– black yarn           – little fluffy balls                                             (optional)

– hot glue gun + glue sticks 

                         step one

FYI! I used this plate mate to have all the 80 vibes! (im so extra) lol okay peeps, so the first step is to get all the red twisty sticks you need, & start shaping them like the letters in the name πŸ™‚

it will look like this ‡


                       step two

Afterwards, you will cut as much yarn is needed & hot glue the letters (1 inch away from each other) to the yarn (:
step 3 

WALLA ✨ hang it anywhere you’d like!
Qotd- who is you favorite character? 

⭐ mini reminder β­

Hello all of you beautiful humans! Today i want to share 2 BIG advices about how to take personal negativity with ease! β™‘

1) Dont push yourself down!

No matter where you are at your goals in life, dont ever feel down if you haven’t completed each one of them. Just remember yourself i can do it! & everything comes at its time. Loves, the most important people who we know started late compare from others & turned out GENIUS’S! who God gave the opportunity to shine when others believed they couldn’t! 

Strive not to be a success, but rather to be value.” – Albert Einstein ⚑


2) laugh at your failure 

many people say when you fail you are a failure, but they are wrong. Failure makes us what we are, humans that become wiser threw time, which helps us to dodge moment’s in the future that we learned from the past, so don’t be scared to fail because it’s a beautiful aftermath when you learn from it! + they are great stories to tell! πŸ˜‚

Failure is the best way to learn” – S.D

⭐ I want you all to take 5 min for yourself everyday & just reflect with yourself and take these 3 things in mind ⭐

tell yourself what your thankful for 

what things from the past have you achieved 

what you want to achieve now 


i know you can do anything you put your head & heart to, so lets continue this weekend with positivity & lets get it! πŸ’› 

qotd – what is one goal you want to achieve by this week?

love, mimi

➳ galleryβ™‘

             afternoon rainbow 🌈

the city looked so FABULOUS!!!!!! Seriously the whole time i was like “ooooooooo! I love this” + this was one of  THE best views yet!


                      timeless πŸŒ»

Believe it or not this is not a feild faraway, it was the backyard of my house before cutting the grass! So it was time to get creative! p.s i love the little heart grass!


               summer phase πŸŒ΅

Summer has grown on me you guys! Ive actually been waiting for beach time, roadtrips, bonfires, etc! So here is a little painting i did! can you tell i love cactus?? πŸ™‚


                inspo of style πŸ‘–

I LOVE STYLES! So when i need #ootd inspo i head right to my vogue magazine & create a look! So her is a picture of my favorite magazine, & jewelry i got from avon! ⭐


                     plant fille 🌿

when it comes to plants & flowers my heart smiles! Seriously, when i get a home im pretty sure i will have a garden going!


i hope you guys enjoyed my mini gallery peeps!

qotd – what are a few plans you have in mind for summer!? β˜€ or what is your favorite summer clothing?

love you guys ❀ mimi 

summer playlist/update

ℓ​​a β„“​​a β„“​​a 🎀

hello everyone! so i am starting to feel THE summer phase πŸŒ΅πŸ’Œβ˜€ i can state that because i’ve been drawing/painting a lot of cactus and having target runs for decorations you guys! but i blame it on the weather because its been lovely here in California! so before i start decorating i don’t know about you but i MUST HAVE A PLAYLIST TO KEEP ME HYPED! So i will be sharing a playlist of a few favorite songs i will be listening this summer! πŸ™‚




🍹) Kacey Musgraves – high horse 

🍍) John Mayer – love on the weekend

πŸ‘™) The Aces – volcanic love 

🌊) The Drums – me and the moon

🌡) The Doors – hello, i love you

β˜€) David Bowie – lets dance 

πŸ‘’) Maroon 5 – this love 

πŸ’Œ) Yuna – tourist

🐚) Train – hey, soul sister 

⚑) Calpurnia – city boy



Where have i been?

I have officially obtained a goal i achieved in education + I’ve been working on a few art piece’s that i am thinking of selling in post cards so far ohh! & i might be buying somthing I’ve been wanting for years! So stay tune.

Question of the day – what is your favorite thing about summer & what is your favorite song?

Xx mimi

CARDS??? | πŸ’Œ


hello lovelies! so in the beginning of last year i created a few pieces of art and thought to myself  πŸ’­ “why don’t make greeting cards or just a few prints of my creation?” and i would really love to continue with that dream you guys! 

I always had this passion for graphic design & anything that is filled with colors & simplicity! I like to create somthing that might make you say “this is cool!” or “this reminds me of my childhood” so would you guys be interested if i make more? Let me know with a comment, always love your feedback ❀❀❀

  p.s   Here are two pieces i made! ⚑                         


             – question of the day –

Have you ever stopped something, and continued after time?


Hello all my beautiful mom’s, sisters, aunt’s, friends & mentors! I want to thank each one of you ladies that have inspired me & eachother to keep our heads up & that we can achieve what we want as ladies! We must stick together & help one another instead of pushing eachother down! I am glad to be a women and all the women in my personal life ❀ today & always i will say “we can, we will be, we will succeed!” may God bless you all and lets keep creating gals!

love you all!

Xx -mimi 

p.s i have been stressed out because of this project i have but i hope i finish it so i can create more content for you guys! πŸ™‚ what have you guys been up too?

3 tips of the day✨

Hello peeps! So i have been super busy with school, photography projects & work + i know i am not alone on that! so i decided i will be sharing a 3 tips of how to stay relaxed & make your life a little more simple 🌸


        wake up with abeat music! 🎢

i usually love! to wake up with music that can make me dance or sing like a karaoke night! so what i like to do is instead of putting a simple alarm, i like to put an alarm on pandora & put shuffle because i like to jam to all my favorite kinds of music genres & just let it play.


                 plan your week πŸ“šβœ

Im literally the kind of person who loves to write down the important highlights of my week bc personally, it feels great to mark a little X after accomplishing it! Also, when having a simple schedule, it may not seem hard but life happens!  So when creating your schedule, make sure to always leave a little space bc things can come up and change you whole schedule! p.s mostly on fri-yays! πŸ™‹ 


                 take a break β˜•πŸŒΏ

In the middle of the day or in the end, i like to take a break. When i take a breaks i like to watch a little t.v, drink a cup of coffee, water my plants or txt my besties Seriously what ever makes you feel happy, just remember that your  brain + body need a little time out!

p.s i hope these three little tips helped you also, do you guys have any advice on how to start the day or end it & what tip can you relate with the most? πŸ™‚

love, mimi

short poems of the day β˜•

The words in each page are puzzels that lead one to the big picture with rhythm of a story that becomes a vision that relates. Opening to the first page feels as good as a cup of coffee with morning rain; its refreshing, comfort, and each time a different feeing” – jazmin

“Sun seeks the dark with a figure of nature. It comes to drain the dark into light creating a picture. tropical summer is in months with a spring touch. Its the morning & noons that make my eyes shine, ill wait till tommows morning light” -jazmin


“Oh sweet sun, you will shine upon my adventures, you will be longer then those hot chocolate days, the light in my room will wake me up with a thought & feeling that today is the day.” -jazmin

p.s i hope you guys enjoyed my little poems ft my pictures! i love you guys & i hope you have a lovely Saturday! πŸ’Œ

Hello 2018

                                                                                                    Thank you!      

I am so excited to start this year with positivity! I would like to take a moment to say thank you! yes you! Since my last year of high school my friends would tell me to start a blog because of my creativity for writting & photography + i wanted to start one wayyyyyy before freshman year but never took the leap. so autumn of 2017 i decided to take the leap & started blogging, seriously could not be any happier! i really just wanted/want to continue to create a space where people can feel comfortable, inspired & motivated. ALSO im so happy i have made friendship bonds with some of you! and the support you guys have given me. Thank You Thank You Thank You! i hope we grow together πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

p.s comment down below what you would like to read (style, poems, photography, ect.)

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