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Hello Pumkins!

My name is jazmin perez but you can call me mimi. I choosed today with excitment to launch my blog because its finally, finally the first day of autumn! YAY! and as a person who loves hot chocolate with mashmallows, cold rainy days and spooky stories, what other day to start, then to start when the leaves change to a golden color and festivities begin!

My name sort of has to do with my love towards autumn and winter but not completly. I choosed cozy because my friends and family always tell me how much comfort and kindness i give out plus im short and laugh at mostly anything i find silly so little fits just right! 

In my blog i will be sharing with you lovelies my view of style, my gallery,  monthly favs and all that fun jazz! i hope i can inspire each one of you & that you enjoy reading my blog as much as i enjoy sharing it with you! 

Love, mimi

p.s. IM SO EXCITED !!!

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short poems of the day β˜•

The words in each page are puzzels that lead one to the big picture with rhythm of a story that becomes a vision that relates. Opening to the first page feels as good as a cup of coffee with morning rain; its refreshing, comfort, and each time a different feeing” – jazmin

“Sun seeks the dark with a figure of nature. It comes to drain the dark into light creating a picture. tropical summer is in months with a spring touch. Its the morning & noons that make my eyes shine, ill wait till tommows morning light” -jazmin


“Oh sweet sun, you will shine upon my adventures, you will be longer then those hot chocolate days, the light in my room will wake me up with a thought & feeling that today is the day.” -jazmin

p.s i hope you guys enjoyed my little poems ft my pictures! i love you guys & i hope you have a lovely Saturday! πŸ’Œ

Hello 2018

                                                                                                    Thank you!      

I am so excited to start this year with positivity! I would like to take a moment to say thank you! yes you! Since my last year of high school my friends would tell me to start a blog because of my creativity for writting & photography + i wanted to start one wayyyyyy before freshman year but never took the leap. so autumn of 2017 i decided to take the leap & started blogging, seriously could not be any happier! i really just wanted/want to continue to create a space where people can feel comfortable, inspired & motivated. ALSO im so happy i have made friendship bonds with some of you! and the support you guys have given me. Thank You Thank You Thank You! i hope we grow together πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

p.s comment down below what you would like to read (style, poems, photography, ect.)

Mimi’s 8 New Year’s Resoulutions advice for 2018🎊

WE ARE ABOUT TO START THE NEW YEARS YOU GUYS!!!!!!!! Im so excited to start this January with new goals and ideas so i decided to share a few advices before we all start our new year journey.  LETS MAKE THIS YEAR OURS! 


write a future note to yourself πŸ’Œ

– Havent you ever thought to yourself did i ever accomplished what i wanted to do? if so, this is a cute idea i did an year ago and i loved it!, so last year i decided i want to write to my future self and i absolutely loved it! ; The way this works is that you write a letter to your future self and the new year of next year you open it, and you will see how much you accomplished + how much you have changed! I encourage each one of you beauties & gents to do this, trust me you will be surprised! 

make a list of your top five things you want to accomplish βœ”

make a small list of realistic goals you need or want to accomplish really bad this year forsure. one of my goals is to write three times a week in my blog and share more with you guys!

make a positive playlist 🎢

– gather all your favorite songs from this year that fill your soul with positivity and motivation to keep achieving what you want! like my top three favorite songs that motivate me are

  • Nial Horan – since were alone
  • Sofi Tukker – best friend
  • The Aces – stuck

donate / throw away things & clothes πŸ‘—

– Look threw your wardrobe and see what you like & dislike. the things you dislike & are still in good shape, donate it to you local Goodwill, Savors or anywhere you can donate it because there can be other people who need it, also who might love it more than yourself πŸ™‚

clean your social media β˜•

– there are people who are just negitive or lurking at your stuff instead of following you for good. Block anyone who is super negative to your life, unfollow people you might want as friends but arent intrested in being your’s or are negative as well. I have always said two things; people will enter your life if its meant to be & leave for a reason. you will find the people who will consider you as their loved one & you will consider too! just be yourself and alert πŸ™‚

explore yourself 🌟

– this year make it the year you know yourself! stop being someone you are not and just be yourself! do the things that make you happy, for example if you like to dress like a blogger or a pop star,  you do that! explore your beautiful self because like drake said “you only live once” so make your story one you will be proud of and be able to say “i did everything i wanted to do & more”

be your own inspiration β£

– no matter what you do, do not compare yourself with anyone. everyone has there success no matter if its about life or hair growth… anything DONT COMPARE YOURSELF! your time will come; some people get it sooner and others a little later but it will reach to you. so breathe, relax, work hard & trust me you will be the better version of yourself in no time. YOU CAN DO IT!
have fun & faith

–  i myself believe in our beautiful father Jesus Christ so faith is important to me. i believe that if you have faith, strength and let yourself untagled from fear you can achieve the life you want! have fun! With cautious thooooo  LOL 

p.s  I hope these advices can help you initiate this new year of 2018! im so excited for what is about to come. i love you all and thank you so much for those who read my blog and leave the sweetest comments, it serriously makes my day :’) and i promise this new year i will try to post more for you lovlies πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

instagram – @cozylittlemimi



 je t’aime, mimi

December Tag! πŸŒ²πŸ’Œβ„

Hello my little snowmans & snowgals! seriously there is only 6 more days left for christmas! SOOO i thoughts i would do a short fun christmas tag about my favs, so HERE WE GO! β˜•

πŸŽ…  What is your favorite christmas/ winter activity?

  •  listening to cozy music while decorating with A LOT OF LIGHTS!
  •  shopping at night! + get hot cocoa while at it
  •  watch festive movies
  • Make cute arts & crafts + make cards to loved ones.


πŸŽ… Where do you spend your christmas?

  • I spend my christmas with my fam in CA πŸ™‚


πŸŽ… What are your top 3 festive songs to listen to on december?

  • Vince Guaraldi Trio (holiday) – Skating
  • Vampire Weekend (holiday) – Holiday
  • Jon & Valerie Guerra (holiday) – The way you look tonight/ i’ll be home for christmas


πŸŽ… Do you decorate before or after Thanksgiving

  • ill usually put decors after bc thanksgiving & Christmas has there own SHAZAUMN going on.


πŸŽ… Tinsel or garland?

BOTH! i like to be as festive as can be!


πŸŽ… Do you own an ugly christmas sweater?

  • i use to but i gived it away but tbh i would really love one of dwight schrute or the grinch!


πŸŽ… What is one christmas food you can not live without?

  •  TAMALES! i seriously wait all year long for them so there better be some LOL!


πŸŽ… Peppermint or Gingerbread

  • gingerbread is great, plus you can make a gingerbread house so i lean with sweet.


πŸŽ… Most worn winter clothing piece?

  • have been wearing my black slip shoes NON STOP! so i would have to say shoes.


πŸŽ… Favorite winter candel

  • Been loving Vanilla Cookie from Holiday Time since september!


πŸŽ… What is one thing you ask for this christmas?

  • tbh i like to give hints of what i want and let my loved one giving me the present to pick, i like to be surprised!


πŸŽ… If you could be in any christmas movie, tv show, or cartoon character, who would you be?

  • I would die of happiness if i can be in A Charlie Brown Christmas! its just so festive and cuuuuute!


p.s  i hope you guys enjoyed this short december tag as much as i did! β™‘




love, mimi


DONT BE AFRAID TO CREATE! + mini meaning behind a picture

When i was in high school i was very shy and never thought my creative side would be considered art but now as a photographer (as i like to consider myself) i have grown an opend mind to things and dont care as much as i did before, you see, i see it by its detail and imagen them in a picture with ideas in how to out spread the beauty of the subject. My photography teacher has told me “if your picture is weird that makes it greater, people want to see something new that makes them feel somthing beyond normal” and i must admit, i agree! I have grown as a person and a creative soul with the support of my loved ones and the art photography has showed me.


Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

For example, this picture is only a stem of flowers but if you see it with detail, you can see that the beauty is being pushed to the spot light by the darkness. the shadow creates a feeling of Β fresh delicateness while the flowers create a feeeling of color, it speaks in its own body.


Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

now i got these flowers and added myself in the picture LOL Β my eyes are closed because the point of this mini project was to seem delicate as can be! as i shut my eyes, i can imagen the light spotting one section while the flowers create a popout of the unusual. i think this picture is lovely because of its weirdness and lighting, because natural lighting always makes your pictures look AMAZING!

My Β point is never to doubt yourself, if you feel like creating a space picture with a cat or about a lady just walking, DO IT! Never stay with the saying of “what if” instead “i did” belive me when i say someone out there will love your work and admire it + Β if it makes you happy to express your uniquness, express it!

love, mimi






Mimi’s little Week



hot cocoa + my fav magazine




it was quite relaxing starting the week! i had a dentist appointment bc i got my tooth elemanated so i had a whole week of rest. That same day my sister and i went shopping a little at target for a few decors because i wanted to create our small living room festive but ended up getting only lights :/ but because i am still a child by heart who loves to walk in home feeling festive and cozy and is stubborn about it, we decided to keep shopping little by little this whole week. After i took a shower, cozed up & watching the office but i was literally craving cookies! I was like NOOOOOOOOO!



The chilly morning of tuesday made me want to keep sleeping the whole day while lighting up my favorite candel (Vanilla Cookie by Holiday Time) and watching hallmark movies! So tuesday was a very plain day ❄



I decided to clean up my room a little and found old pictures, cloths, and bags filled of disney pins & notes. While i was cleaning i was hearing charlie brown tunes and reminded me of the good old day of being a child. the life of a child is amazing if you think about it and i love how when i was a child i would give notes and little gifts to my loved one’s (which gived me an idea) Sooooo i have a few items that are still new and might end up giving them in donation & maybe a ✨GIVEAWAY✨ so stay tune! + follow my ig @cozylittlemimi



Thursday Thursday Thursday! i decided to plan ideas for this up new year. I would really like to be productive this new year and share more with you guys bc i feel like i’ve been lagging a lot and that just is not me. I will like to post more pictures of my creative photography and hauls so im working on that!



Its is finally friday today which makes it my last day of rest and then head back to what big kids do. I feel way better from monday, seriously i felt like a zombie because i wasn’t able to eat all my sweet treats + i could’nt sing lol or move around a lot so i was not really in my element but now i can eat so the first thing plan for tonight is to go to krispy Kreme with my sistasss and eat donuts all night long 🎀 lol


p.s 🍩 KRISPY KREME IS HAVING A GREAT DEAL TODAY, BUY ANY DOZEN  TODAY (12/15/17) AND GET AN ORIGINAL GLAZED DOZEN FOR FREE! also what is your favorite treat to eat or drink around this chilly season + let me know if you guy would like a little GIVEAWAY!

love, mimi




my top 5 highlights of inspiration

➳ finally got my November issue β™‘ Seriously i admire everyone who works on vogue for the creativity they give to people like myself! p.s all these pictures are owned by Vogue magazine ft my own opinions Β & tips! I hope you enjoy! p.s you can tell neutral is ma thing!Β 


– seriously in love with big black hat! it just makes one feel a bit bold without all the color, also the long sweater or cardigan really makes it ready for fall! Love everything of this picture.

tip: for all my short girlies, when wearing a big cardigan, i suggest wearing two inch booties! πŸ‘’


– even tho many people say shoulder showing is just for summer, i say lets break the rules & make it for autumn as well! In this picture you can see the lovely model pairing ONLY two colors together & showing of the shoulders, it looks great!

Tip: try to stick with up to two colors if you are looking for a simple look! Like in the picture above! ✨


– floral is really trending; on shoes, shirts & jackets but who am i to judge, if i am obsessed tooooo! So if your closet has no floral & you want to try something new & just YASSS! get yourself a floral i promise you will not regret!

Tip: if having a similar floral dress like the beautiful one on the image, pair it up with a big hat & booties! It will have that indie vibe everbody should feel at least once in their life!🌹


– jewelry is a must! having multiple rings can seem intimidating but it really is fun & festive + it gives your outfit a bit of ✨shazaum✨

Tip: when trying to layer rings try to balance simple ones with bold, not to many plain & not to many bold πŸ’


– i am in love with a bit of detail & texture on the shoulders! When having a bit of texture your outfit leaves ordinary to extraordinary! + its a great look for a night out with the girls or even a party!

Tip: when ever you have to much texture, try not to overload with jewelry because it will steal the spot light of the details!


P.SΒ check out your closet & try to play around with your clothing for fall, don’t forget, you can start layering!!! love y’all! πŸ’—

πŸ‚ an autumn memory πŸ‚

October ’03

Hello pumpkins, so today my favorite people & i were remembering moments we loved as a child, which gaved me an idea that i want to share with you guys. Close your eyes for a minute & revisit yourself as a child in an autumn day, what do you see? 

➳ I see the sky i once remember would start becoming grey on early October, the cold rain that would cover my body with goosebumps while making our big living-room window seem like a puddle of art filled of figures and colors that would be created from the decorative lights my dad put on our cozy home. It really was the most festive room of all! i slowly remember the smell after a mop while  candle’s burned, making our home smell sweet & cozy as can be. As i Walk towards a hallway were the living room would lead to the kitchen, i remember my family cooking my sis favorite meal while my storytelling aunt would whisper & shout the spooky legends she heard in mexico to us. I remember walking outside with my favorite people & coat while the streets were filled of orange, brown and yellowish leafs that were also falling on my head, as i felt the warmth of my mothers hand, i remember seeing everyone happy but in a hurry to buy all the hot chocolate they can! the final thing i can remember of that specific day was when a child pulled the sweater of his mom trying to make her buy him a toy while my aunt was giving her a home remedy, to a stranger, that became her friend. I remember that day so well because i remember thinking to myself, i can’t wait to grow up so i can do everything my favorite adults are doing. Its the little things in life that i love :’) what about you, what is your simple favorite memory as a child on an autumn day? 

p.s im sorry i haven’t been posting but i promise i will post more from now on! + i also want to take the time to say thank everyone who is barely following my journey & who are still sticking with me threw my journey of blogging, you guys are seriously the best πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

a fall outfit | πŸ’Œ

Hello loves! I recently had a “mini photo day” with a talented soul! So i decided to share a little look with you guys, which was inspired by french fashion!


➳ when creating this look, i wearied a long black sleeve & paired it up with a black suit coat that i got in my local Goodwill! This is very simple, classy & may i say soo comfortable! Just perfect for the chilly weather! β˜”


➳ i let the bag get the spot light in this one! When wearing a simple outfit, i recommend adding a little ✨shazaum✨ to your look by adding a pop of color with a lovely bag!


➳ Lady’s & Gents! I have always believed that shoes really make the difference! I weared a dark blue jean with dark brown 1/2 cute heels i absolutely adore, that were a gift from my beautiful mother ❀


“Confidence is the beauty that allows you to discover the world with a smile love” -mimi 🌹

Never forget, that everyone is beautiful in their own unique way! Rediscover your closet, put your playlist loud as can be & take pictures like if you were in THY BIGGEST photo shoot EVAA! i hope i inspired you at least a little!

+ leave a comment down below if you would like more post of styles! β™‘ love hearing from you guys!

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